You have the looks, you have the body so what is there not to like? It might come as a surprise but modeling is more than just having the good looks and chiseled bone structure. Like any other job, it requires a degree of professionalism if one is to carve out a viable career. Having a good model makes the photographer’s job much easier.

So what kind of model do photographers like to work with?

Here are 3 tips to get you started.

Be punctual
Yes like any office job you need to be on time, whether on location or in a studio. Sounds boring but a model shoot is a team effort that involves a host of other people like make-up and hair, assistants, stylist and not least the photographer. Time is money and no one likes a prima donna.

Be versatile
This is one of the most important quality a model can have. Part of a model’s job is to be able to convey different emotions because every job is different. Not every shoot is a cover for vogue. The vast majority of custom imagery is for quite mundane purposes like advertising washing powder, financial services, etc. These are known as lifestyle images. Their purpose is to create a connection with their target market, so the expression can be as equally important as the attractiveness of the model.

Be professional
So what does this mean? It encompasses the first point and more besides. Be courteous and gracious at all time. A photoshoot is a team effort and everyone is there to make you look good therefore you should give them respect and courtesy. This industry can be quite small and bad reputations spread fast which may impact your chances of getting another job. Listen to the photographer’s instructions and learn various model poses so you have a range of expressions to work with.

Follow these simple rules and your passage to a long model career will be much smoother.

Deepak Kumar is a photographer who likes to spread his passion.

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